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Is Your Computer Bugged?
Protecting Your Computer From Cyber Attack
This book by Cybersecurity Engineer Glenn Jacobs provides the basic techniques for making personal computers resistant to cyber attack. It can help prevent the devastating personal and financial consequences of cyber criminal activity. While focused on the Windows 7 operating system, the techniques detailed in this book also apply to Apple OS X and Linux.
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My Gay Brother by Carol Lindsay – Amazon.com Paperback Version

This true story begins with the solitary death of Richard Baatenburg de Jong, a brilliant, musically talented gay man, soon after the passing of his father. It then becomes the account of the physical and emotional abuse inflicted by his parents, and describes his painful immersion in a Michigan religious culture hostile to homosexuality.
The story describes a Dutch father suffering from WWII PTSD, whose life was violently threatened by a New Jersey labor union. The family is forced to move to a narrow, ultra-religious Dutch culture that traumatizes Rich and his Hungarian mother. Richard marries, fathers a child, comes out, becomes an alcoholic, and dies abandoned and penniless in his Denver apartment.

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The Planet of Comet Sense - Political Satire by C.A. LindsayThe Planet of Comet Sense
This satirical view about the destruction of American culture should hit the hired Wall Street marchers as hard as it hits followers of the Al Gore Global Warming Church. It’s a full-fledged stinging denunciation of politicians in the 21st Century. Through dialogue and humorous quips by Ratoncito, the mascot for a group of San Diego County artists and writers, this book offers humorous Bureaucratic stories. Some of the comments of Ratoncito: “Mexican artist and writers have not yet succumbed to the stupidity of Doublethink art” and “BureaucRATs, bureaucRATS, see what they do? Nothing but steal dollars from both me and you.”
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Carlsbad Oceanside Art League (COAL)
Marilyn Grame
Marji Cramer
Grace Schlesier
Hye Joung Tibby
Jane LaFazio

Phebe Burnham

Angels of My Life
Beyond Katrina
So Luminous the Wildflowers
Songs From a San Diego Morning
One Allied Sailor- The Sinking of the S.S. Maasdam (2nd Edition)
The World War II historical biography by C.A. Lindsay !
Current economic & political events hold an eerie similarity to Europe in 1939 prior to the Nazi regime’s takeover of several countries. To find out how, read ONE ALLIED SAILOR, the biography of one man who never signed up for war, but was in the London Blitz, on a ship torpedoed by the Nazis in the Atlantic, and in the Mediterranean and Pacific theatres of the Second World War. This book contains many surprises, including the account of Nazis brought to the U.S.A. during World War II.
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Sandwalker by C.A. LindsaySandwalker
Sandwalker flees her Oregon Territory tribe with its pre-arranged marriage and escapes to the world of wayward Navy Captain Henry James Whitney. Religious and racial conflict move the story through the difficulties they encounter on the many dynamics of life. Other characters include a corrupt politician and the Madame of Newport. C.A. Lindsay’s first novel presents a realistic picture of religious bigotry and tragedy that sends the reader into a new and ancient world.
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Angels of My Life


A poetry collection by c.a. lindsay that captures the pain of those who have lost loved ones. Since the writing of poetry helped the author endure the death of her husband and 16 year old daughter, her words can offer hope and comfort for people who have endured losses. The poetry can also assist those who have never experienced personal loss in understanding the suffering of those who have. The book ends with humorous quips made by the poet’s daughter from the age of two until her death.
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Songs From a San Diego MorningSongs From a San Diego Morning




The poetry San Diego book by c.a. lindsay !
c. a. lindsay captures the spirit of San Diego County, with its military community and broad geographic diversity. Her poetry touches the human soul in poems inspired by life and loss.
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In the Shadow of Sandwalker White Feather, the daughter of Sandwalker and Captain Henry Whitney, rejects her prearranged marriage in the Oregon Territory tribe to find her paternal heritage in pre-Civil War New York City. Surviving the harsh elements and a brutal assault along the Oregon Trail, she arrives in New York and connects with her Whitney heritage and adopts her American name, Marissa. Catapulted to the pinnacles of wealth and power, she confronts the evils of the human condition as her indomitable spirit is set free to love instead of hate and to have hope instead of despair.
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Below are 2 books that help Katrina Hurricane victims…. and contain the writing of C.A. Lindsay !

C.A. Lindsay poetry included in anthology of California Poets !

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