In Memory of Candice Andromeda Lindsay (1980 – 1997)

It is often said that the world of art transcends that of reality. Art
can elevate us to a new level of perception and experience. The Art Of
Candice Andromeda Lindsay (“Keitoband”) will certainly alter
the way one visualizes what was once the commonplace. Perhaps this is the
greatest gift that art can offer.

Click for larger image - MISSION INN by Candice Andromeda Lindsay

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“Mission Inn” (Riverside, CA)

One of California’s beautiful historic inns, built one hundred thirty years ago. A mixture of three separate architectural styles, it has hosted the Grand Duke Of Russia, the Crown Prince of Sweden, and Presidents Roosevelt and Taft. The Nixons were married at the Mission Inn, and the Reagans spent their wedding night there. Among other famous guests were Judy Garland, Betty Davis, and Will Rogers.